At Huatan we design biophilic interiors, to create spaces that reconnect us with nature. An example of this is the project for La Popular restaurant by Grupo Carolo. From the façade itself, we create a tropical atmosphere surrounding the exterior of the restaurant with a variety of palm trees; Chamaedorea, Chinese Fan and the attractiveness of the Blue Palm, in a perfect mix with American Evergreen, Golden Potos, and Dumbcane, to create a harmonious landscape with different textures, shapes, and volumes.

The interior of the restaurant is a biophilic paradise, a large green wall made up of Boston Ferns and big leaves like Philodendron Xanadu, runs from side to side throughout the restaurant. A long planter filled with Areca Palms, offers a great accent of color to the architecture of the place, establishing a space-nature connection, as a great example of biophilic interior design.