One Landscaper and Eight Graffiti Artists

In one of the most iconic avenues in Mexico City, Paseo de la Reforma, overlooking the FYJA 2018 Flowers and Gardens Festival, the exhibition “Botánica Urbana” (Urban Botanic) brought together the talent of Daniel Gómez-Bilbao, landscape artist and a group of graffiti artists "Orgullo Bravo", to express their vision and love for nature through street art. “Botánica Urbana” represents the creative intervention of 30 gigantic pots, (4´11 ft), each adorned with plants, flowers, colors, and various graphic forms, promoted by Plantando con Causa, a foundation that seeks to unite the city with nature.

In each one of the pots, the choice of plants and the green vision of the project was in charge of the renowned landscaper Daniel Gómez-Bilbao. His job was to study, before placing the flowers and plants inside the pots, the balance that they should have within the environment. More than 150 species were used as climbers, ground covers, pendants, stocks, and trees. The idea, according to Daniel Gómez-Bilbao, is that "when you walk and you come across this experience, you can detect perfumes, colors, and a variety of textures, his objective is for everyone to live a multisensory experience".